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Designers and Developers

The Domain Store for Good.

Our mission is to make opportunity more inclusive for all.

Through strategic partnerships, activation of our workforce

and consistent commitments to our communities,

we give back with three key focus areas in mind:

Our employees

Creating an inclusive, collaborative culture and promoting professional growth

Our customers

Empowering entrepreneurs everywhere and making opportunity more accessible for all

Operating responsibly

Reducing our environmental impact, operating our business responsibly and managing risk

Learn More Empower by The Domain Store

Our signature social impact program — equipping entrepreneurs with the training, tools and resources they need to be successful.

Community Support

Empowering our employees to give to the causes they care about most and support local community organizations through volunteerism and donation matching.

In-kind Donations

GoDaddy's mission is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere, making opportunity more inclusive for all. We currently focus our in-kind product support and financial sponsorships to benefit our signature social impact program, Empower by GoDaddy.


Striving to create a more sustainable future by achieving tangible success today.

Diversity and Inclusion

Building a culture of acceptance and understanding to create a more inclusive future.

Sustainable Development Goals

To ensure we’re making progress and focusing on issues most relevant in today’s world, The Domain Store aligns our efforts to six

 Sustainable Development Goals:

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